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Tot war der Autor nie

Gerald Raunig, Felix Stalder

Piraten, Provokateure, Politikversagen

Jens Badura / Monika Mokre

The Industrial Turn

Gerald Raunig

Pavilion UniCredit: An Artist’s Tale

Dmitry Vilensky (Chto Delat collective)

Culture in EUropean External Relations

Jozef Batora/ Monika Mokre

European Cultural Policies 2015

Maria Lind, Raimund Minichbauer [ed.]


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14 03 14 - Kulturrat Österreich
We, the undersigned of this petition, find it inacceptable that labour, social and human rights are being compromised!
1) We urge the Bundestheater-Holding to hire its employees directly, to safeguard the audience-service personnel's jobs in the course of restructuring, and particularly to stop terminating employees on the grounds of factual criticism of their working conditions.
2) We urge the Austrian Federal Government to oblige subsidy recipients by providing strict guidelines to conclude fair employment contracts within the law and with adequate payment. No resources assigned for the promotion of arts and culture shall go to companies such as G4S!
3) We urge the Federal Government, the federal provinces, and the municipalities to not enter into contracts with companies known to violate labour, social or human rights. The contract with G4S on the prison for detention pending deportation in Vordernberg, which was concluded under dubious terms of tender, must be immediately terminated!

10 02 14 - Dimitris Papadopoulos
Matter, Makers, Microbiomes::Compost for Gaia.
Language, information and the virtual space were distinctive features of the previous generation. Craft, matter and the fusion of the digital and the material are defining generation M, the first generation of the 21st century.

04 01 14 - Art Leaks
Open Call: ArtLeaks Gazette No.2 (Deadline 31 March 2014)
Our first issue of the ArtLeaks Gazette was aimed at bringing critical awareness of the challenges and obstacles of the contemporary art system. While we considered this a necessary initial step in enacting meaningful transformations of this system, we now feel the need to move beyond exposure and breaking the silence into ways of engagement, or what does it mean to be agents of change in the art world today?

18 11 13 - Francesco Salvini
A spectre is haunting Latin America, moving among social movements and programmatic constitutions. It is the spectre of sumak kawsay, the principle of reciprocity amongst living things, with and within the nature and deep-rooted in indigenous cultures. Called buen vivir in Ecuador, the use of this phrase refers to a political conception of a social living in relation, not only to nature, but also to a broader dimension of living together, in common, the fulfilment of life ...

05 11 13
European meeting, Madrid, 28th of February, 2nd of March, 2014
This call addresses collectives and individuals aiming to critically reinvent Europas as a political space of progressive freedom and emancipation. In this sense, we welcome contributions in order to organise a meeting for the collective discussion around themes such as debt, democracy, commons, culture, mobility and technopolitics.

14 10 13
Open!, the online continuation of Open. Cahier on Art & the Public Domain, is now available at

05 10 13 - Achille Mbembe, Arlette Fargeau
Le nouveau livre d’Achille Mbembe est un feu d’artifice intellectuel et littéraire
Pour tous ceux qui s’intéressent au renouveau de la pensée critique hors l’Occident, l’événement intellectuel majeur de la rentrée est sans conteste la sortie, aux Éditions La Découverte à Paris, de Critique de la raison nègre du Camerounais Achille Mbembe. Annoncé depuis plusieurs années et venant à la suite du succès qu’aura été Sortir de la grande nuit, ce nouvel essai représente le livre le plus complexe et le plus osé d’un auteur qui s’est affirmé comme le penseur africain le plus accompli de sa génération. […] Nous avons rencontré l’auteur à Johannesburg, quelques jours seulement avant son départ à Harvard où il enseigne cette année.

Für all jene, die sich für eine Erneuerung des kritischen Denkens außerhalb des Okzidents interessieren, ist das wichtigste Ereignis dieses Herbst zweifellos Critique de la raison nègre des Kameruners Achille Mbembe, das bei Editions La Decouverte in Paris erschienen ist. Das schon seit Jahren angekündigte Buch folgt auf den Essay Sortir de la grande nuit und stellt das bislang komplexeste und gewagteste Buch eines Autors dar, der als einer der wichtigsten afrikanischen Denker seiner Generation gilt. […] Wir haben Achille Mbembe in Johannesburg wenige Tage vor seiner Abreise nach Harvard getroffen, wo er dieses Jahr unterrichten wird.

04 10 13 - Melting Pot
Almost every day newspapers report the tragedy that repeatedly takes place in the middle of the blue border: the Mediterranean Sea.
While we are writing, we hear of hundreds of corpses collected form the sea, boys and girls, children and women reversed into the water after the fire burst on board of a boat that was heading to Europe.
These people are asylum seekers, women and men fleeing wars and persecutions, swallowed by the sea in these last decades, just like all the others: about 20.000 persons.

31 08 13
TEACHING THE CRISIS is an intensive program fostering international scholarly exchange and discussion around the ongoing political, economic, social and ecological crisis – in Europe and beyond. It convenes students and faculty from eleven different countries and diverse disciplinary backgrounds (such as Anthropology, Political Science, Philosophy, Gender Studies, Management, Literature, Sociology and International Relations) over the course of thirteen days.

09 07 13
The resistance movement around Taksim Square invents a new wave of video-activism -

06 06 13
This new publication results from the two years transnational project "Romanistan. Crossing Spaces in Europe", which was conducted by IG Kultur Österreich in cooperation with Roma organisations from Vienna, Berlin and Barcelona (Roma Kultur Zentrum Wien, Amaro Drom, FAGiC). The German version is now available for download, printed copies can be ordered free of charge. In a few weeks, the book will also be available in English, Spanish and Romani.

26 04 13 - Antonio Negri
Toni Negri’s postface of Gerald Raunig’s new book „Factories of Knowlegde, Industries of Creativity“, just published in Semiotext(e)’s Intervention Series.

13 01 13
Partido _X , the Party of the Future, has been launched, a party with no faces and based in Internet.

28 12 12
We declare our solidarity with the refugees in the Vienna Votivpark and Votivkirche.
We fully agree with the rightful demands of the refugees.
We condemn the police violence in the morning on 28 December 2012.
We demand of the Catholic church to support the refugees staying in the Votivkirche.
We demand of the politicians, church officials, and media to stop their rhetoric of division among refugees and activists.
We support the occupation of churches for reasons of attacking reactionary and neoliberal migration politics.

European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies (eipcp)

For further information:

18 12 12 - RefugeeCampVienna
The refugee protest camp vienna has expanded to Votivkirche, to continue the struggle! They demand their right to stay!

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Institute of Sociology, Justus-Liebig University, Giessen, DE | Deadline for abstracts: 1 May, Conference: 13-15 November 2014

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Tensta konsthall, Spanga, Sweden | 23 October 2013 - 18 May 2014

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Digital Labor: Sweatshops, Picket Lines, and Barricades

The New School, New York City | Deadline for abstracts: 21 March, Conference: 14-16 November 2014