Salomé Moltó

Born in Cocentaina (Alicante) in Spain in 1943. Due to her deep feelings against the dictatorship she had her first contacts with antifascist groups of Marxist ideology. At the age of 19 she migrated to Paris, where she obtained a diploma in French language. After the death of the dictator Franco, Moltó joins the anarchist-syndicalists C.N.T. in Alcoy, where she is an active member till today. In 1986 Moltó published a book called "Socialización y colectividades Alcoyanas 1936-1939", a deep study of a complete and alternative society that emerged during the Spanish civil war in practically all over Spain. Further publications: "Tierra y Libertad", "Orto", "Cenit" and "Siembra".