Nirmal Puwar

transversal documents

· “Postcolonial Bourdieu”: Notes on the Oxymoron
· Bourdieu, postkolonial: Anmerkungen zu einem Oxymoron
· “Bourdieu poscolonial”: notas sobre el oxímoron




· Nach Bourdieu: Visualität, Kunst, Politik
Hg.: Beatrice von Bismarck, Therese Kaufmann, Ulf Wuggenig, Wien: Turia + Kant 2008


Senior Lecturer in the Sociology Department at Goldsmiths and Co-organiser of the Methods Lab, which initiates a series of project at the intersection between academia and other public, as well as private, realms

She has worked with Bourdieu's concept related to habitus, field and ontological complicity in her book Space Invaders: race, gender and bodies out of place (Berg publishers, 2004). She co-ordinated the installation of Bourdieu’s photographic exhibition on Algeria in Goldsmiths for the academic year 2006–7, alongside a series of (ESRC funded) seminars.

Her other publications include the co-edited collection on South Asian Women in the Diaspora and a Special Issue of the journal Fashion Theory on Orientalism. She has also co-edited numerous copies of the journal Feminist Review.

Her recent work includes a funded collaboration with Nitin Sawhney for a consideration of war and memory in “Noise of the Past”. She has also developed films on cinema and memory. These have included “Coventry Ritz” as well as “Khabi Ritz Khabie Palladium”. Here are further links to these: