Nuria Rodríguez

transversal documents



· Bifo in Buenos Aires: An exercise in Recombination

· Digging up Memories
Santiago Cotzal

· Mental Prototypes and Monster Institutions. Some Notes by Way of an Introduction
Universidad Nómada

· Oficinas de Derechos Sociales: Experiences of Political Enunciation and Organisation in Times of Precarity
Silvia López, Xavier Martínez, Javier Toret

· Social centres: monsters and political machines for a new generation of movement institutions
Pablo Carmona, Tomás Herreros, Raúl Sánchez Cedillo, Nicolás Sguiglia

· The New Productivisms
Marcelo Expósito

· Tretyakov in Argentina
Jaime Vindel



Since arriving in Spain six years ago, Nuria Rodríguez has worked as a Spanish-English translator, specialising in culture, technology contemporary and performing arts and activist projects. She also works on research, publishing and production projects related to cinema and contemporary dance, and is currently enrolled in the Macba's PEI proram. She is based in Barcelona but spends time in her other home towns of Gijón, Asturias and Wollongong, Australia as often as possible.