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Changing role of art institutions

Conference in the frame of Trajectories

Goethe Institut, Tornu Street 1, Riga

23 March, 11.00 - 16.30



The conference will be organised in three panel discussions outlining several aspects of institutional critique and interaction between artists and institutions. Artists and curators involved in the "Trajectories", as well as the invited speakers will participate in the discussions.

1. Art partisans: Undercover/clandestine strategies in art system
How to deal with instrumentalization of art? Transformation of art institutions into leisure centres or theme parks. Collaborative or interventionist praxis inside art institutions.
Participants: Raimundas Malasauskas (Lithuania), Stella Rollig (Austria), Nina Montmann (Germany)

2. Art deals: Art and art industry
How to distinguish private/commercial and public/non- commercial sector? What about creative praxis being swallowed up and incorporated in art market system? Have art fairs or commercial galleries taken over several aspects of public art institutions?
Participants: Maria Lind (Sweden), Gregor Podnar (Slovenia)

3. Art stars: How to be
Mainstream and margins. Strategies of success and successful strategies

Participants: IRWIN group (Slovenia), Chicks on Speed (USA, Germany), Hayley Newman (UK), Tanja Ostojic (Serbia, Germany)