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Trajectory 4: Aka Institute of Contemporary Art. Transforming Vectors

Different locations in Riga, Latvia

04 March until 27 May 2007



Aka Institute of Contemporary Art is a trilogy of projects happening for real, which at the same time uses an imaginary ideal institution for contemporary art as a frame of reference. An attempt to realise parts of a dream scenario with a programme for a non-existing, or rather not-yet-existing institution. This institution has a modest temporary space in Andrejsala, the old harbour area of Riga, for two months in spring 2007.

3 - 29 April, Project space "Canteen" Andrejsala
Artists: Andris Eglītis (Riga); Carin Elberg (Stockholm)
Paintings by the Riga-based artist Andris Eglītis and a new site-specific installation by Stockholm-based artist Carin Ellberg.

3 - 27 May: Project space "Canteen" Andrejsala
No Ghost Just a Shell
Artists: Philippe Parreno (Paris); Liam Gillick (London/New York), Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster

Parts of the extensive No Ghost Just a Shell (1999-2003) project initiated by Paris-based artists Pierre Huyghe and Philippe Parreno and a lecture on the project.

In 1999 Huyghe and Parreno acquired the rights to a manga figure from the character design company K Works for 46,000 yen. They both drew on and established a network of artists and other cultural producers, inviting each one to fill the empty AnnLee shell with content via video or other forms of art.
Within the framework of the French Spring festival

18 -19 May: Andrejsala
What will be
Artists: Bik Van der Pol (Liesbeth Bik & Jos van der Pol, Rotterdam).

Discussions, excursions.
A project by Rotterdam-based artists Bik Van der Pol looking at the rapid commercialisation and gentrification of the inner city of Riga. The project will be based on the format of guided tours.

Curator: Maria Lind (Stockholm)