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Stefan Nowotny

Translation as a Social Relation. From Lingua franca to Lingua confusa / Übersetzung als soziales Verhältnis. Von der Lingua franca zur Lingua confusa

The concept of address invites us to conceive of translation in terms of social relations rather than in terms of rendering meanings, or even texts, to be conveyed from one language to another. But what, then, is it that is actually invested and enacted in translation? What is it that ‘takes place’ in the translational act, and in what way does this taking-place both respond to and demand for a world to be commonly lived in?

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Stefan Nowotny is a philosopher based in Vienna and a member of the eipcp (http://eipcp.net). He has been part of the eipcp’s transnational projects transform and translate (2005–2008) and done research or taught at universities in Belgium (Louvain-la-Neuve), Germany (Lüneburg) and Austria (Klagenfurt) since 2001, alongside various other project involvements and collaborations with both visual and performance artists. He has published widely on philosophical and political topics, co-edited several anthologies, translated a number of texts from both French and English into German, and co-authored the volumes Instituierende Praxen. Bruchlinien der Institutionskritik (w/ G. Raunig, 2008) and Übersetzung: Das Versprechen eines Begriffs (w/ B. Buden, 2008). He is also a co-editor of the book series "Es kommt darauf an. Texte zur Theorie der politischen Praxis", started in 2005. Since 2011 he is a tutor at Goldsmiths, University of London. He is also part of the eipcp's research project „Europe as a Translational Space. The Politics of Heterolinguality“.