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Archives in Translation - Virtual Documenta

22 November 2007 - 24 February 2008



Curator: Eha Komissarov

1955, Kassel, Germany, the first series of exhibitions under the title documenta was opened, and by today, this event is known as the leadg forum of contemporary art the world, takg place every five years. the years 1955–2007, twelve documentas have been organised and all of them have earned a place the history of art as the exhibitions that have fluenced the development of contemporary Western art to the greatest extent.
Soviet Estonia was naturally left aside from this central ternational forum of avant-garde art, and nowhere the vast territory of the Soviet Union can we fd formation on the documentas havg taken place.

Estonia's cooperation with documenta has only just begun. We took part a satellite project called documenta 12 magazes, which offered a selection of contemporary art magazes, cludg kunst.ee, the framework of documenta 12 events.

With the series , Kumu generates a virtual archive troducg the activities of documenta and the participatg artists. The volume of documenta discourse forces us to make choices. Virtual documenta Kumu is based on the overviews of the exhibitions, on prted material, video and audio recordgs, and terviews dealg with the issues of modern art. Our archive would be the startg pot for events troducg avant-garde art, and the exhibition pays particular attention to documenta 5, which has become a legend that fluences contemporary art to this day.

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