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Edu-Factory and the Transnational Contexts of the Vienna University Occupations, Part 1

University of Vienna, Audimax

3 November 2009, 17:00



Panel discussion and book presentation
With Anna Curcio and Isabella Pinto (Edu-Factory Collective, http://edu-factory.org).

As was the factory, so now is the university. Where once the factory was a paradigmatic site of struggle between workers and capitalists, so now the university is a key space of conflict, where the ownership of knowledge, the reproduction of the labour force, and the creation of social and cultural stratifications are all at stake. This is to say the university is not just another institution subject to sovereign and governmental controls, but a crucial site in which wider social struggles are won and lost.

Edu-Factory Collective: Toward a Global Autonomous University: Cognitive Labor, The Production of Knowledge and Exodus from the Education Factory
Autonomedia 2009

A presentation in solidarity with the protests on Austrian universities, organised by eipcp in cooperation with perspektiven.