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12 2008

Prison sentence for two members of Universidad Nómada?

Universidad Nómada




We ask for your solidarity with Nico and Javi, members of  Universidad Nómada and since years activists in the self-organized social centers, in the global movement, in the network of migrants, and in collective experiences like Mayday and the struggles against precarization. A stupid denunciation for an action against precarity could bring in a prison sentence for them. Your personal, collective and institutional support is needed.

Universidad Nómada



They call for two years of prison for Nicolas Sguiglia and Javier Toret for the imputed act of robbery and intimidation when they were involved as syndicalist mediators in a protest against precarity in Plus supermarkets in Sevilla around Mayday, 1 May of the precarious in 2006.On 29 April, more than hundred masqued precarious swarmed into the Plus supermarket in calle Arroyo, Sevilla. Among them, the Virgin of Precarity presented herself. For about one hour the partying precarious blocked the cash points, sang slogans calling for labour and social rights for all, and finally expropiated three trolleys packed with staple foods.

The reason for this protest was to denunciate the company for the inappropriate dismissal of Fatima Fernandez because of being pregnant. and in general to denunciate the situation of precarious labour and the lack or rights for the workers in the surfaces of trade. The action was a part of the activity programme around Mayday: 1 may of the precarious that aims at bringing together and mobilizing the figures of precarious work without rights: migrants, temporary workers, people working with atypical or without contracts, etc.

Nicolas Sguiglia and Javier Toret exercised their functions as trade union representatives (CGT and SOC-SAT) and mediated towards the company with the ongoing intent to reach a settlement underlining the pacifist character of the protest. The manager of the supermarket told the police they were responsible for the actions, and the prosecution has called for two years of jail for the crime of robbery and intimidation for an expropriation of the precarious which included three trolleys and goods worth not more than 287 €.

On 23 January, the trial will be held in Sevilla and therefore we appeal to the support and solidarity of all social, political and trade union organizations to join this campaign and achieve the acquittal of these two comrades and we can give a unified and forceful response to the criminalization of social action and association.

How can I get involved?
1 - By signing and sending the MODEL FAX (attached) to the Chief Prosecutor in
Sevilla: 955-005114
2 - By sending the name of your organization, association or initiative and your
words of support: andalucia@cgt.es
3 - By attending the MERGER AGAINST THE CRIMINALIZATION OF THE SOCIAL AND TRADE UNIONS ACTION AND FOR THE ACQUITTAL OF NICO AND JAVI to be held on the same Friday 23 January, 11 o'clock at the Gates of the Courts of Prado in San Sebastian de Sevilla.
4 - By helping us spread this information, that the whole world knows about the injustice. If you can translate this into another language, it will be useful for us
extending solidarity.

A big hug and thank you for your collaboration.
Confederación General del Trabajo de Andalucía (CGT-A), Sindicato Andaluz de Trabajadores (SAT), Oficinas de Derechos Sociales (ODS-Málaga y Sevilla), Precarios-as en Movimiento (Málaga), Coordinadora de Inmigrantes de Málaga (CIM), Centro Social y Cultural de Gestión Ciudadana La Casa Invisible (Málaga)

PS: You can see the video of the action in Supermarkets Plus here: