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02 2009

Athens - Murderous hand grenade attack on the Immigrants' Place

Statement issued by the Network for Political and Social Rights



Tuesday evening, 24 Feb, 2009, at 10:05, "unknowns" lobbed a hand grenade at the Immigrants' Place, the social center  located on Tsamadou Street in Exarhia (the offices of the Network for Political and Social Rights and Network for Social Support to Refugees and Migrants share the same space). At that time the Place was full of people as an open event by the Association of Conscientious Objectors was underway and our organization's coordinating committee was in session. It was entirely fortuitous that there were no victims from the attack given that the grenade did not manage to break the window's double-plated glass, bounced and finally exploded in a flower pot situated in front of the building.

Last night's fascist and murderous attack by the para-state comes under the general attempt at a counterattack by the establishment in the wake of the December revolt. All this time lately we are observing a rise in state and para-state violence, as well as a black propaganda campaign against the resistance ("the far left is responsible for the violence"). The "unknowns" who threw the hand grenade are not only attacking us. They are attacking the entire antagonistic movement; all those who revolted in December; all those who are taking action to refuse the market dictatorship and truncheon 'democracy'.

It is probably unnecessary to state that we will not take a single step back. It is probably unnecessary to declare that the para-state will receive the response it deserves.

Athens 25 February, 2009