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07 2009

Italian Police Against Anomalous Wave: Inspections and Arrests in Several Italian Cities



At break of the day, in several Italian cities police irrupted in students and activist places to make inspections and arrests. The repressive operation is coordinate by the Turin's police and it refers on the last May 19th demonstration in Turin against the G8 University Summit.

Police also irrupted in the Social Center Askatasuna in Turin and in Padua in the space where the independent Radio Sherwood is keeping the annual self-funding festival.

21 people have been arrested: 6 in Turin, 3 in Padua, 4 in Bologna, 1 in Naples and 1 in Milan. The charges are about resistance to police and damages. Right now police inspections are still going on.

This is the police revenge against the Anomalous wave and the mafioso Italian government warning at the beginning of the anti G8 demonstrations in Italy.

Freedom for all, now!

Update: www.edu-factory.org