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02 2010

Culture, Not Profit: Readings for Artworkers

"The present and the first Volume is a recap on the 212 working days of the Free/Slow University of Warsaw during the first year of its activity. Internal diversity of the Volume corresponds to the mode of operation of our para-institution, which experiments with various avenues of knowledge production and exchange. The subject of the first edition of the Free/Slow University of Warsaw was “culture not for profit.” We referred to the tradition of free education, with a focus on establishing an environment that would enable critical reflection not only on culture, but also on its social, political and economic background. We made an attempt at a theoretical and practical research of the conditions of knowledge and culture production in the late capitalism, an analysis of the life conditions of activists, artists and cultural operators as well as at exerting an impact on the cultural policy and participating in debates on the current and the future shape of our societies."

Table of contents / pdfs for download: http://wuw2009.pl/czytankid.php?lang=eng