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03 2010

Protest in the Summit of the Ministers of culture of the EU

European civil society organizes an unprecedented protest action at the Summit of the EU Ministers of Culture.

Individuals, artists and NGO's, including, among others, FCForum, eXgae, La Quadrature du Net, P2P Foundation, European Digital Rights, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Scambioetico, Open Standards Alliance, Red SOStenible, Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure Spain, Creative Commons Spain, Hackta have organized *a coordinated protest campaign* against the Informal Meeting of Ministers of Culture of the European Union.

We demand *a model of culture that benefits everybody – citizens, creators and entrepreneurs – a model that stimulates creativity and not just collection, and, above all, a model that does not attack the Internet.*

29-31 March 2010

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*Stop ACTA*

Contact for informations:
Simona Levi