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06 2011


On Sunday May 25th, there was a European-wide call to occupy main squares at 6pm. In Vienna, there has been a Camp at Karlsplatz since Sunday, May 29th. There were about 150 people at the solidarity rally at Stephansplatz at noon on Sunday. This is the fourth day of occupation. A blog was set up.

The democratic spring originated from the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt. Several squares have been occupied throughout Spain since May 15th with the demand for real democracy. Local assemblies have formed in numerous city quarters throughout Spain since then. A central slogan has been "Que se vayan todos! - Everyone must go!" The brutal attempt by the police to clear out Placa Catalunya in Barcelona failed and contributed to another mobilization of the "outraged" (named after the book by Stéphane Hessel, "Time for Outrage!")

In Lisbon, Rossio Square was occupied on May 19th. Several squares have been occupied in Greece since Wednesday May 25th, with a considerably large mass at Syntagma Square in Athens. It has become clear through these actions that the occupations in Spain are not an isolated phenomenon. Co-/self-determination and real democracy have not been realized anywhere and have recently been radically cut; reason enough to hit the streets and form the political framework of democracy anew.


Vienna: #yes we camp #karlsplatz - Real Democracy Now!

Inspired by and out of solidarity to the social movements, among others in Spain and Greece, on May 29th a space has been created for people to come together, to discuss, to protest, to reflect, to act,...

These are a few topics and fields that have been discussed and will be worked out the next days:
-participatory real democracy
-freedom of movement
-open spaces
-economical and political unfairness
-possible courses of action

Please add/transform/modify/translate...

Day 2 — of the camp

The night was mostly calm and relaxing. The tents were stable – despite some wind. Breakfast was utterly delicious and also some media was present. At 12 a.m. we started the assembly:

There were about 20 people. It turned out to be a short and productive session. Working groups for infrastructure, IT, Flyer and Social Media were formed.

It turned out that we have everything we need for a movie screening, so we will show "vivir la utopia" and "dear mandela" in the evening. There will be a people’s kitchen. Everyone is called up to container/dumpster/buy food to provide the kitchen with the necessary stuff.

From now on there is this blog, and an email account as well:
Suggestions for a twitter hashtag was #acampaviena

There are efforts to build up a public library; informations/magazines/books/readers would be great to bring with you!

*Further on we invite everyone to bring more tents, computers, ideas, colours, friends (!), furniture* -- whatever we need for some ambitious camping!

There will be Flyers from 16 p.m. on. They will be online as well.

*Next Assembly will be at 19 p.m. There are people around everytime. So just swing by and be a part of us!*After the assembly there will be the screening of the movies.