Rastko Močnik

teaches “Theory of Discourse” and “Epistemology of the Humanities and Social Sciences” at the University of Ljubljana. Writes theory, essays, pamphlets, and translates. – Involved in the student movement during the 60-ies. Doctorat du troisième cycle in linguistics - literary semiotics at the Université de Paris X. Doctorate in sociology at the University of Ljubljana. Post-doctoral Fulbright fellow at the Department of Philosophy, University of California at Berkeley. 1987-89, vice-rector of the University of Ljubljana. One of the founders of a Committee for the Defence of Human Rights in 1988. Member of the last pan-Yugoslav political organisation Association for a Yugoslav Democratic Initiative. Campaigned against Slovenia joining the "coalition of the willing" in Iraq. Campaigned against Slovenia joining NATO. Doctor Honoris Causa at the Plovdiv University "Paisiy Hilendarski". Recent books: Altercations, Belgrade, 1998. - How Much Fascism?, Zagreb, 1998. - Theory for Our Times. Levi-Strauss, Mauss, Durkheim, Skopje, 1999. - Encounters: histories, transitions, beliefs, Sofia, 2001. - 3 Theories - Ideology, Nation, Institution, Belgrade, 2003. - Theory for Politics, Ljubljana, 2003.