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Creating Worlds

Artistic Activism and Knowledge Production
31 05 2009 | 19.00
Ehemalige Kunststoffhandlung Wettlinger
Neulerchenfelder Straße 8, 1160 Wien

On this evening, three cultural workers who are each engaged in theorizing social conditions and political possibilities in combination with concrete activist efforts gather to discuss effects of the economic and political crisis. With particular attention paid to the question of art as/and knowledge production the evening will be a time to think broadly about the possibilities of political aesthetics in this critical moment of ours.

US-based artists Gregory Sholette (New York City) and Dan S. Wang (Madison/Chicago) will talk about the conditions and opportunities for artistic activism in a time of multiple crises. The discussion will revolve around consequences of the change of US-adminstration from Bush to Obama, new challenges for activist art and recent forms of resistance in knowledge production.
Moderator: Gerald Raunig, eipcp

A co-operation between SOHO in Ottakring and creatingworlds.eipcp.net