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11 2009

Creating Worlds

Edu-Factory and the Transnational Contexts of the Vienna University
Occupations, Part 2

But what thereafter: The necessity of internationalisation
(Experiences of Croatian students)

Panel discussion with activists of student revolts in Croatia (http://slobodnifilozofski.org/)
Marija Ćaćić and Mate Kapović. Moderation: Boris Buden.
University of Vienna, Audimax
14 November 2009, 17:30

Student protests have spread beyond the still existing West/East divide. In spring 2009 students occupied the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. Shortly after around 20 faculties and universities in the country were occupied. Although the occupation lasted for almost 5 weeks the main demand of the students – free education for all – was not achieved. What have they learned from their struggle? How are they going to continue it? How can they join the struggle of Austrian students?

A presentation in solidarity with the protests on Austrian universities, organised by eipcp in cooperation with perspektiven.

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