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Factories of Knowledge, Industries of Creativity

Gerald Raunig

Aileen Derieg


Antonio Negri


Gerald Raunig


Semiotext(e) / MIT Press 2013
168 pages, $ 12,95
Translated by Aileen Derieg
Semiotext(e) / MIT Press

Postface by Antonio Negri

In the contemporary forms of multiple crisis, new means of social resistance and political activism need to be sought, not least in specific places of re- and deterritorialization. Gerald Raunig’s new book analyzes the potential of cognitive and creative labor to resist (self-)government and machinic subservience implemented in cognitive capitalism. Here, the central role of the university is not as a factory of knowledge but as a place of disobedience, and the modulating time regimes of creative industries have to be challenged by new and monstrous forms of industriosity.

“In Factories Of Knowledge, Industries Of Creativity Gerald Raunig composes a diagnosis of present times drawing a diagram of powers that combines at least three levels of analysis: the contemporary political and social movements from the coasts of the Mediterranean to the USA; a genealogy that shows the tendencies, the origins, and drifts in the fields of knowledge and cultural work; and finally, at the conceptual level, problems that have traversed political philosophy for decades, if not centuries, such as the question of the relationship of multitude and singularity or the radical critique of representation.” (Roberto Nigro)



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