Brian Holmes

transversal documents

· Into Information!
· In die Information!
· ¡A la información!

· The Speculative Performance
· La performance spéculative
· Spekulative Performance
· La performance especulativa
· The Flexible Personality
· Der flexible Charakter
· La personalidad flexible
· Fleksibilna ličnost
· Extradisciplinary Investigations. Towards a New Critique of Institutions
· Extradisziplinäre Forschungen. Für eine neue Institutionenkritik
· Investigaciones extradisciplinares. Hacia una nueva crítica de las instituciones
· Investigaţii extradisciplinare. Spre o nouæ criticæ a instituţiilor
· Disiplin-dışı Soruşturmalar: Kurumların Yeni Bir Eleştirisine Doğru
· The Spaces of A Cultural Question
· Horizonte einer kulturellen Problematik
· A Rising Tide of Contradiction
· Steigende Flut des Widerspruchs
· Una marea montante de contradicciones
· Une marée montante de contradictions
· A Rift in Empire?
· Ein Riss im Empire?
· Unleashing the Collective Phantoms
· Die kollektiven Phantome freisetzen
· Réveiller les fantômes collectifs
· Liberare i fantasmi collettivi.
· Transnationale Zivilgesellschaft?
· Transnational Civil Society?


· The Errorist International: Washed Up on a Beach in Australia

· The Maghreb Connection
· Beyond the Global 1000
· Images of Fire


· Art: Radical Political Imagination

· Quand l’art c’est la vie
Claire Pentecost

· The Geopolitics of Pimping
Suely Rolnik


· Art and Contemporary Critical Practice
Gerald Raunig, Gene Ray (eds); London: mayfly 2009


art critic and activist who is known for his writing on the intersections of artistic and political practice. He received a PhD in Romance Languages and Literatures from the University of California, Berkeley. Holmes was the English editor of publications for Documenta X in 1997, was a member of the activist group Ne Pas Plier (Do Not Bend) from 1999 to 2001, and has recently worked with the French conceptual art group Bureau d'Études. Brian Holmes is a frequent contributor to the international listserve Nettime, and to the art magazines Parachute (Montreal), Springerin (Vienna), and Brumaria (Barcelona). His essays have been gathered into three anthologies: Hieroglyphs of the Future: Art and Politics in a Networked Era (2002); Unleashing the Collective Phantoms: Essays in Reverse Imagineering (2008); and Escape The Overcode: Activist Art in the Control Society (2009).
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