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Creating Worlds


Kognitiver Kapitalismus, General Intellect und die Politiken der „kollektiven Intelligenz“
Raimund Minichbauer

Pictures that refuse to go back inside. An artist talk on revolutionary images
Elske Rosenfeld

Lokavidya Jan Andolan: Engaging the Leftists and Progressives
Amit Basole

Lokavidya Jan Andolan: Inaugurating a dialog
Amit Basole

Introduction to Sanhati Selections 2011
The Sanhati Collective

Operation Green Hunt and School Occupations in Adivasi Areas
Partho Sarathi Ray

Surviving Internships: A Counter Guide to Free Labour in the Arts
Carrot Workers' Collective

(London 2009, http://carrotworkers.wordpress.com/counter-internship-guide/

(Post)koloniale Sexualitäten, queere Aktionen. Assemblagen visueller und diskursiver (Wissens-)Produktionen im Prozess der Europäisierung
Ana Hoffner

Art, Collectivity, and Pedagogy: Changing the World in which we Live
(Chto Delat #08- 32: Theater of accomplices)

Culture and Education or Spillover Knowledge Economies
Lina Dokuzović

Movement, learning: a few reflections on the exciting UK winter 2010
Manuela Zechner

Hacia un léxico/gramática del conocimiento vivo
Anna Curcio y Gigi Roggero
Introducción Joan M. Gual (Universidad Nómada)

Wunder in Moskau
Boris Buden

Vorwort zur Broschüre "Das Besetzungskochbuch: wie die Blockade der Philosophischen Fakultät der Universität Zagreb aussah"

Wissen - Macht - Unistreik
Petja Dimitrova, Eva Egermann, Andrea Kretschmann, Christina Linortner, Irene Messinger, Petra Neuhold, Paul Scheibelhofer, Marion von Osten
Umkämpfte Wissensproduktion, (kritische) Migrationsforschung und das Recht auf Mobilität im Bologna-Prozess

Squatting the Crisis
Die Krise besetzen
Lina Dokuzović / Eduard Freudmann
On the current protests in education and perspectives on radical change
“We won’t pay for your crisis!” has echoed throughout universities worldwide. The significance of this is that the statement’s momentum has not only spread throughout educational institutions, but has also been present in other areas of society, bringing attention to the general failure of neoliberal capitalism and its appropriation of all spheres of life.